We Give Back

Keepsack Co Gives Back to Donate Life America


Keepsack Co. has always stood for creating lasting memories and celebrating life's precious moments on holidays and ordinary days. We believe the best gift we can give is each other, especially when the future is not promised.


Keepsack Co. gives 5% of our profits to Donate Life America, a non-profit organization continuing to provide hope to children and adults waiting for a lifesaving transplant. This cause is personal to me because in 2017, my father was the recipient of a combined heart and kidney transplant. The organs were donated by a dimpled and bright-eyed 22-year-old, Symon Castillo, a brave and selfless man we think about every single day. Because of organ donation, Symon's heart beats in another man's chest and my father gets to have a bit of what Symon had - an extraordinary smile and the gift of time.


Donate Life America educates the public on the importance of registering as a donor and sharing that decision with family. Donors leave a courageous legacy, and choosing to become one is a selfless act that can save up to eight lives. Every Keepsack purchase enables us to invest in local partners who are working to advocate for organ donation and we are proud to support this amazing organization.


To learn more about organ and tissue donation, please visit www.donatelife.net.