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The Story of Keepsack

Girl Reading Polar Express on Christmas Eve with Personalised Santa Sacks in Background

So long ago, it feels like pretend,
Santa or Nick, as he was known to his friends,
loved giving and giving to all in his town,
a place by the sea with so many around.
He tired in his workshop over each perfect gift
that he presented, by name, in a sack that he stitched.

Every year, as Christmas letters from children to Santa Claus pour into the North Pole post office from every corner of the globe, Santa and his elves are flooded with millions of requests. Leave it to Santa to come up with an eco-friendly solution to save time and be able to deliver all of his gifts by morning!

After consulting with Mrs. Claus, Santa has decided that some of his presents should be delivered unwrapped to every boy and girl - in the most beautiful and personal way - through a personalized Christmas sack stitched of the finest linen, bearing the name or initial of each special child. 

With the aid of a little Christmas magic to set everything into motion, each toy from Santa is magically whisked direct from Santa's workshop in the North Pole to homes across the world, ready to be unwrapped by children eagerly awaiting their treasures on Christmas morning.

How Keepsack began...

In the very beginning, the sack was a way to provide indisputable proof to my four-year-old nephew that Santa Claus would be able to find him 200 miles away from home on Christmas morning - at Lolli and Pop’s (his grandparents) house. At the time, I didn’t know anything about embroidery. I could barely sew a button. What I did know was I needed to find a way to make a Christmas miracle happen for the littlest “believer” in our family.

The first bag was nothing flashy - just a bit of scrap fabric, rik rak tape, and felt letters - but to my nephew, it was a tangible connection to the world every small child imagines: a world of elves and reindeer, kindness and generosity, sugary sweets and trees. Leaving his magic bag under the tree on Christmas Eve, the long wait for Santa Claus began. Sure enough when he came to look in the morning, the empty Santa Sack had mysteriously been stuffed. "He's been here!!" he shouted.

This humble Christmas decoration unexpectedly became our favorite family tradition. As an adult, it made me believe again in the same magic that kept Santa Claus alive in my childhood for so long.

Through the years, our Santa sack tradition has grown (and flown!) with our family.  As cousins have moved off to college and jobs have scattered us around the country, we still send presents to put inside our gifts sacks (thanks Amazon!). This childhood keepsake has kept us connected, even when we had to be apart, and has become the golden thread of Christmas past, present, and future.

We’ve invited many friends and family to share in the simple tradition of reusable gift bags -- and we are grateful that they have gone on to play a part in ‘wrapping up’ some of the other big moments in your life - Valentines Day, Easter, Halloween, weddings, birthdays, graduations, and so many more.

Thank you for being here with us, sharing your traditions, and changing the way people gift, one celebration at a time.

Emily Galey