Our Tradition

The Santa Sack Christmas Eve tradition is like a giant treasure chest full of exciting stories and memories waiting to be opened. Every family does it a little differently - but the intention is always the same - an invitation to slow down and focus on the good things in life such as connection, gratitude, joy... and Christmas magic.

This Christmas Eve tradition heightens the buzzy anticipation and excitement of the countdown to Christmas Day, filling your home with memories for many years to come.

  1. First, design a personalized Santa sack for each of your loved ones (yourself included!). Customize the bag color, the font style, and of course, the name or initial that adorns it.

  2. From here, your request is flown to the North Pole for Santa to process. Each name undergoes the "Exceedingly Good" verification stage before the first stitch. Once the Santa sack is embroidered, it is shipped in plain packaging (so as to not tip off overly excited children and potentially spoil the reveal) with the magical Christmas Eve bag folded inside.

  3. Decide how and when the Santa sack should be revealed. Keep it out of sight until then! Consider a scavenger hunt on Thanksgiving night, include it as part of your Advent calendar activities, or place it inside a Christmas Eve Gift Bag. Santa sacks are sent from elves, when least expected, so even if this is your first year (and you've never introduced this tradition before), let your imagination run wild! Perhaps the North Pole has taken note that your little one has been Exceedingly Good and Kind this year?

  4. Next, encourage your little one to write a letter to Santa Claus - it's the best way to note the all-important Christmas wishlist and provide guidance on where he can find the sacks.

  5. Children set out Santa sacks before going to bed on Christmas Eve. Where they are placed is up to them! Favorite spots include under the tree, by the front door, at the foot of the bed, near the fireplace, or any place full of magic and happy feelings.

  6. In the morning, everyone wakes to discover that the empty bag has grown in size, stuffed with (wrapped or unwrapped) presents from Santa Claus himself (*with the help of his elves, of course)!

  7. When time to pack away the Christmas decorations, fold the Santa sacks and put them in a VERY safe hiding place to be enjoyed again next year!