Our Story

So long ago, it feels like pretend....

Santa or Nick, as he was known to his friends, loved giving and giving to all in his town, a place by the sea with so many around.

He tired in his workshop over each perfect gift that he presented, by name, in a sack that he stitched.

How Keepsack began...

In the very beginning, the sack was a way to provide indisputable proof to my four-year-old nephew that no journey was too far for Santa and his elves, and that Santa was determined to reach every child, no matter where in the world they were on Christmas Eve.

The first Santa Sack was nothing flashy - just a bit of scrap fabric, rik rak tape, and felt letters - but to my nephew, it was a tangible connection to the world every small child imagines: a land of elves and talking Gingerbread men, sugary sweets and toys. Leaving his magic bag under the tree on Christmas Eve night, the long wait for Santa's visit began. Sure enough, when he woke on Christmas morning, the empty Santa Sack had magically been filled. With belief and wonder in his eyes, he shouted, "He's been here!!"

This humble Christmas decoration unexpectedly became our favorite family tradition. For the precious little ones in our lives, seeing is believing. It makes them feel the true magic of Christmas, the same magic that kept Santa Claus alive in our childhoods for so long.

Through the years, the Santa sack tradition has grown (and flown!) with our family.  As cousins have moved off to college and jobs have scattered us around the country, we still send presents to put inside our gifts sacks (thanks Amazon!). This childhood keepsake has kept us connected, even when we had to be apart, and has become the golden thread of Christmas past, present, and future.

We’ve invited many friends and family to share in the simple tradition - and we are proud that our personalized Santa Sacks have gone on to play a part in ‘wrapping up’ some of the other magical moments in your life - Valentines Day, Easter, Halloween, baby showers, weddings, and so many more. 

Why Keepsack

At our heart is the belief that we should celebrate one another in the way we want to live: with magic, with tradition, and with heart. We believe that through personalized gifts, heirloom products, and timeless traditions, gifting can be better – full of better stories and memories – and a way to mark a long, rich life.

As the gift giving industry continues to grow and more people are adopting sustainable gift giving practices, Keepsack is committed to creating products that are good for people, good for the planet, and good for many years to come.

Thank you for being here with us and bringing a touch of magic to others, one celebration at a time.

Emily Galey