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How to Start a Santa Sack Tradition

Santa Sack Christmas Tradition for Kids and Adults
Santa Sacks are an unforgettable family tradition and magical way to celebrate Christmas year after year. Imagine your little one's face light up when the first thing they see on Christmas morning is their very own personalized Santa Sack! Whether you choose to fill it with wrapped or unwrapped presents, each is generously sized and lined with cotton to keep all contents concealed until the big reveal.

 Christmas Santa Sacks are a festive addition everyone will look forward to during the most wonderful time of the year. Choose a design for each of your loved ones and keep a family tradition that will create memories for many years to come!

Once Your Santa Sack Arrives:

1. Remove the Santa Sack from the packaging and lay it flat. Iron or steam, if desired.
2. Personalize the delivery notice and Santa Sack story (included) with the recipient's name(s).
3. Decide when the Santa Sack should be revealed. Keep it out of sight until then. 
4. When ready, place the Santa Sack at the front door with the delivery notice. As a family, read the origin story together to introduce the Santa Sack tradition.
5. On Christmas Eve, choose where to leave the Santa Sacks for Santa to find and fill. Favorite places include by the fireplace, under the tree or at foot of the bed.
6. As a family, decide how you'll let Santa know where to find them and what to fill them with! Santa will come while everyone is sleeping.
7. Wake up to see what special presents Santa left to enjoy!
8. Fold the Santa Sack and pack away until next year.