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Personalized Birthday Sweatshirts for Kids

Start a new birthday tradition with personalized birthday sweatshirts for kids that can be worn on the big day and long after the main event. While we wish that we could keep them little forever, custom birthday outfits for kids make lovely keepsakes for a lifetime. 

And just like that… time literally flies by! Weren’t you just planning your child’s last birthday party? This year, as you dream up party ideas, include a truly original and custom party outfit to your littles’ birthday celebration. 

Being a mama is the best gift in the world, and to honor the little ones who make your world more colorful and make you proud every single day, design your kid’s birthday outfit exactly as you want it and let your little one’s personality shine through!

Another year with the ones who call you mama is endless magic, joy, and goodness. Whether your toddler is celebrating their first quarantine birthday, or gathering with family and school friends, they deserve a memorable birthday celebration that is outrageously good and so, so special. Start a new birthday tradition by designing a personalized birthday sweatshirt for kids that can be worn on the big day and long after the main event.

We only get so much time with our babies before they’re too cool for mom and dad. In the meantime, personalized birthday traditions make special memories that parents and children can hold onto for a lifetime. Each year, you’ll reminisce about all the little details that made each birthday special (in fact, it may be the only thing that will distract you from the fact that your baby is growing up!).

Make birthday wishes come true when you customize your child’s birthday outfit. These personalized birthday sweatshirts for kids make lovely keepsakes now and can be later be transformed from a gorgeous sweatshirt to blanket when they are older! For summer birthdays, custom birthday number t-shirts are available here. 

Personalized Birthday Sweatshirts for Kids Product Details:

Customize it! Create your own personalized sweatshirt with your child’s birthday number. These beautifully soft crew neck birthday sweatshirts are kind to delicate skin. Available sweathirt colors include Navy, Black, Heather Gray, White, Pink, and Red. Each sweatshirt is hand-appliqued in the designer fabric pattern of your choice. Numbers are sewn onto the shirt with a stunning satin applique stitch in a complimentary embroidery thread color, making each one hand-finished and one-of-a-kind. Because each applique initial sweatshirt for birthdays is handmade to order, please allow 2-3 weeks for this item to be made for you. Personalized gifts are not recommended if your order is time sensitive. 

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