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More Than Just a Mama Embroidered Slogan Shirt for Women

The women in our lives make the world go ‘round. We are doctors, teachers, engineers, creatives… and we are also mamas. Our More Than Just a Mama embroidered slogan shirt acknowledges the crazy joy and mess of motherhood and how it often shows up as unconditional love, relentless challenge, and imperfect action all day long. Before we are “on the clock” at an 8-5 (or 7-7!), we’ve logged hours at home. Cooking breakfast, packing lunches, dressing children, and driving them to where they need to be, it’s any wonder we’ve managed to get ourselves ready along the way.

Sure, we have patients to heal and clients to consult, and of course that is what we do—but as mamas, we do so much more. We listen, we answer, we care, we comfort, we notice, we problem solve, we lead… and we become a soft place for our little ones to land. Being more than a mama goes beyond superhero status. When I think of all that mothers accomplish in a day’s time, I’m amazed. Moms make the difference.

Snatch up this embroidered top for every amazing mama in your life. A perfect Mother’s Day gift for first time moms or a thoughtful Mother’s Day gift for friends or sister-in-law, wear this shirt to the park, to the office, or any place you like to remind others that everyday you’re motherin’! If you are your favorite mama (plus so much more!), grab one for yourself! Looking for other slogan tees for the favorite women in your life? Check our entire collection here!

More Than Just A Mama Embroidered Shirt for Women Product Details:

This embroidered slogan shirt is available as a T-Shirt or as a Sweatshirt. These beautifully soft shirts by Gildan are 100% cotton and kind to delicate skin. The available colors for More Than Just A Mama embroidered shirts include Heather Gray, Navy, White, Maroon (t-shirt only), Orchid, Light Pink, and Black. You choose your preferred embroidery thread color for stitching! Because each embroidered shirt is handmade to order,  please allow 2-3 weeks for this item to be made for you. Custom items are not recommended if your order is time sensitive. 

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