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Personalized Gift Bags with Name: White Night

Let’s face it, no matter how thoughtful and unique we want our celebratory gifts to be, how many times have you walked into a birthday party, wedding reception, graduation, or baby shower only to realize that somebody else has purchased the exact same gift wrap or gift bag, too!? Designing a custom personalized gift bag with name in White Night not only guarantees that you will stand out at your next occasion with a truly personal touch, but also that the gift bag will be reused endlessly as a forever reminder of you and the big day.

Struggling for personalized gift ideas? Or easy solutions for how to gift wrap a box or other odd-shaped present? These custom gift bags are a thing of dreams. Fill them to the brim with the most gorgeous gifts to make a loved one smile and cinch the drawstrings tight to guard against peeking! Made of pure linen and lined in 100% cotton, your extra special presents will be well concealed. Best of all? Reusable gift bags and fabric gift sacks are easily folded and stored between gift occasions. Why stress and create a mess for every gift occasion? Using a custom birthday gift bag for kids year after year or creatively repurposing this custom gift sack as an overnight bag, shoe bag, and year-round toy storage, will keep you smiling through every important milestone!

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Personalized Gift Bags with Name (White Night) Product Details:

Made from luxurious linen that feels light, fresh and cool against your skin, each custom fabric gift bag is clean-finished inside and out, fully lined with 100% Cotton. Linen is naturally stronger, softer, and more durable than other fabrics. It’s also naturally lint-free, and gets more beautiful with age.

    • 5-Star Quality Stitching
    • Twill Drawstring Closure
    • Hypoallergenic and Vegan

    Customize It: Create your own personalized linen gift bag when you choose any name or word of up to 6 letters (Small Bag) or 10 characters (Large Bag) to be hand-appliquéd in the designer fabric pattern of your choice on the front of the gift bag. Each letter is sewn onto the linen bag with a stunning satin stitch in the complimentary embroidery thread color of your choice, making each one hand-finished and one-of-a-kind.

    Each personalized gift bag with appliqué name is handmade to order. Please allow 2-3 weeks for this custom gift item to be made for you. Personalized gifts are not recommended if your order is time sensitive. 

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